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Jelle Van Giel Group
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Jelle Van Giel
Phone +32 (0)473 45 12 28
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Carlo Nardozza - Trumpet    
Bart Borremans - Tenor saxophone    
Tom Bourgeois - Alto saxophone    
Tim Finoulst - Guitar    
Bram Weijters - Piano    
Janos Bruneel - Double bass    
Jelle Van Giel - Drums    

The Jelle Van Giel group is a septet based in Belgium, Antwerp. In 2015, the band releases his debut album 'Songs For Everyone' to the world. The title says it all: these lyrical compositions capture the imagination of every member of the audience. Both daily life and travel experiences inspired Jelle and determined the emotions and sound of the music. The listener detects influences of rock, world and classical music in these jazzcompositions. To achieve an even broader perspective, Jelle allowed his musicians the freedom to contribute their own personal touch to the album, respecting the true interpretation and objective of the album: everyone can identify with the music.
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