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Jef Neve "Sons of the New World"
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Jef Neve - Piano    
Sean Fasciani - Double bass    
Teun Verbruggen - Drums    
Myrddin De Cauter - Clarinet, Guitar    
Jo Hermans - Trumpet    
Michael Campagna - Saxophones    
Pieter Kindt - Trombone    
Bart Indevuyst - French horn    

The Sons Of The New World is the latest project of pianist and composer Jef Neve.

The inspiration came from the idea that the planet is becoming a small village, due to the impact of social network media such as twitter and facebook.

Different kinds of art were brought together for this project: painting, dance, video, light design and of course music. The music is written for piano, bass, drums, clarinet, trumpet, flute, saxophone, horn, trombone and guitar.

An album was recorded in La Chapelle Studio (Waimes-B) from 17 through 22 of June, 2012. Werner Peynsaert is the sound engineer. The record will come out at the end of October on Universal.

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