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Ixhor | (Xavier-Edouard Horemans)
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Xavier-Edouard Horemans
Phone +32 (0)475 619 712
Web site Dedicated website

Xavier-Edouard Horemans - Keyboards    
Chantal Nicaise - Vocals    
Frédéric Debecq - Trumpet    
José Bedeur - Double bass    
Jean-Pierre "Boul" Cosy - Drums    

Texte également disponible en français 

IXHOR is a jazz combo created in 1988 by keyboardist/composer Xavier-Edouard HOREMANS and which has performed in Belgium, various European countries ( Norway, Switzerland, France for example), the Bethlehem Musikfest in the United States and North Africa.

Its repertoire includes old standards and original compositions.

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