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Ivan Paduart quartet
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Ivan Paduart
Phone +32 (0)497 44 85 34
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Ivan Paduart - Piano    
Toon Roos - Saxophones    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Joost Van Schaik - drums    

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Since Aftertouch, Ivan PADUART abandoned the electronic fusion in favour of acoustic jazz.
The quartet plays, mainly, the pieces featured in PADUART's last album "WHITE NIGHTS" (in which some prominent guests like Toots THIELEMANS, Philip CATHERINE, Bob MALACH,... participated).

Most of the pieces are original compositions of his.

The compositions are modern jazz for which the main ingredients are a relative accessibility for the greater public, while, at the same time, trying to avoid the trap of a too easy tonality.

Colorful harmonisation of the themes, with the aim of rendering to each its own signature.

There is a consant search for equilibrium between speech and silence.

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