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Gilbert Isbin
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Gilbert Isbin - Lute, Acoustic guitar    
Robbe Desmet - Bass    
Peter Vangheluwe - Percussion    
Xavier Rau - Double bass (Past performances)  

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Highly melodic jazz with colorful harmonies, contrapuntal lines and refined, adventurous rhythmic passages.
On the program ; Isbin compositions from the CD Yes Love and interpretations of works by Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Charles Mingus, Jan Garbarek,…
Gilbert Isbin combines jazz, contemporary classical music and early music on the lute and acoustic guitar. He has performed with American musicians such as bassists Carmeron Brown, Joe Fonda, Scott Walton or saxophonist Vinny Golia and European musicians such as Ernst Reijseger, Michel Godard, Hugh Hopper ,… He has released more than 20 albums and published appr. 400 compositions.
Robbe Desmet graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Gent in 2019. He studied bass guitar and upright bass with Nicolas Thys, Yannick Peeters and Janos Bruneel.
In addition he received ensemble lessons from Bart Defoort, Pierre Vaiana, Tuur Florizoone, Christian Mendoza and Hans Van Oost. He attended workshops with David De Marez Oyens, Philippe Aerts and Reggie Washington,…
Percussionist Peter Vangheluwe is a longtime collaborator. He was already featured on the Gilbert Isbin CDs ‘Blue Sounds And Touches’ (1990 !) and ‘Water With A Smile’ (2004). He is a master of sophisticated rhythms and polyrhythms
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