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Igor Gehenot Cursiv
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Igor Gehenot
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Marc Hollange
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Igor Gehenot - Piano    
Alex Tassel - Flugelhorn    
Nicolas Kummert - Saxophones    
Viktor Nyberg - Double bass    
Jérôme Klein - Drums    

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Two years after the release of Delta – the first album of the quartet led by pianist Igor Gehenot and flugelhorn player Alex Tassel, hailed by the 2018 Octave de la Musique Award – the group is back with a brand new repertoire.

Cursiv is the name of this new adventure, and it will lead us into a sulfurous New York as well as on the bare plains of Norwegian fjords. A well-named project, as it tickles a certain desire to gently walk untrodden paths. Intimate atmospheres, at times introspective, shaken by groovy dazzles. Their music is both welcoming and enveloping, bubbly and exciting, but above all, incredibly accessible and readable. If happiness is to be found in emotions, complicity and surprising contrasts, then there can be no doubt as to how much these concerts will feed you.

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