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Flying Fish Jumps
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Web site Dedicated website

Vincent Ghilbert - Clarinet    
Martin Daniel - Piano, Keyboards    
Javier Breton - Bass    
Daniel Duchateau - Drums    

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FLYING FISH JUMPS - Sound, sound, nothing but sound...

"The music takes its full impact in live when the four fellows improvise on their original compositions!" Based on baffled beats, manipulations of sounds and striking melodic lines, ENJOY the Flying Fish Jumps that "never goes where you expect them to!

Their freestyle jazz flirts with progressive rock, afro-beat, hip-hop, funk, oriental and Balkan music, ... Their rock'n'roll energy adds to their improvisational skills and lets the band's influences emerge out of the spirit of Frank Zappa, the power of John Zorn and the feeling of Steve Lacy." (Jazzques)

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