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Gilbert Isbin
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Gilbert Isbin - Acoustic guitar    
Lea Van Loo - Vocals    
Peter Vangheluwe - Percussion    
Xavier Rau - Bass    

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Vocal Jazz with Worldmusic influences

"As a showcase for Isbin’s composing and arranging talents, "Water With A Smile" is an unquestionable success." (All About Jazz, Mark Sabbatini, May 2005)


Lea Van Loo developed her natural vocal talent in different jazz, blues and funk bands. "On this very versatile album Lea Van Loo showcases her talent as a singer and her feel for improvisation and timing" (Jempy Samyn, De Morgen, 3/11/04

Gilbert Isbin wrote the music for all the songs and plays the accoustic guitar and jazzguitar has gained a strong reputation. He was acclaimed in Los Angeles and in Bruges, London, Paris, Budapest... Gilbert recorded a dozen albums, as a solo performer and with international reputed musicians such as Cameron Brown, Joe Fonda, Ernst Reijseger, Jeff Gauthier, Michel Godard, John Ruocco...

Peter Vangheluwe plays a dozen different instruments such as the tabla, djembe, framedrums, tampura, and many more.

Xavier Rau (electric and acoustic bass), pushes the rhythm, as confident in his supporting role as in his soloing.

WATER WITH A SMILE , Jazz’halo TS023

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