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Alchimie | (Nicolas Kummert / Philippe Reul)
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Nicolas Kummert
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Web site Dedicated website
Kati Van de Velde
Address Belgium
Agent for Pascal Schumacher quartet, Michel Bisceglia trio, Nicolas Kummert Voices, Jef Neve & Pascal Schumacher, Buscemi & the Michel Bisceglia ensemble
Red Cat Artists
Address Rue de l'Intendant 70
1080 Brussels (Molenbeek-Saint-Jean)
Phone +32 (0)476 98 25 00
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Web site Dedicated website

Nicolas Kummert - Tenor saxophone    
Philippe Reul - Guitar    
Fabrizio Erba - Electric bass    
Renaud Person - Drums    

This young Belgian band was born in 1996 from the meeting, at the music conservatory of Namur, between Philippe REUL, who was a teacher, and one of his students, saxophonist Nicolas KUMMERT. The band plays original compositions.
In February 2001, the band released its first album "Alchimie" on the IGLOO label. (Igl 153)

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