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Eve Beuvens piano solo
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Eve Beuvens - Piano    

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In August 2018, the Gaume Jazz Festival expressed the wish — nay, command —that Eve give a solo performance the following year. She triple-double-checked her piano, and the verdict was: challenge accepted! First Eve threw herself into the solo albums which have had the greatest influence on her from her teenage years on: not just Herbie Hancock’s The Piano, Thelonious Monk’s Solo Monk or Keith Jarrett’s Live in Rio, but also recordings by Myra Melford, Paul Bley, Masabumi Kikuchi and Dollar Brand. Then she started writing. Eve has been composing ever since she started playing the piano – first for trio, then for quartet, then for septet – but never, until now, for her alone! She has been enjoying a voyage of delight and discovery, exploring the richness of the tonal possibilities that are open to an instrument as orchestral as the piano. In her music, Eve seeks out the harmony of contrasts: clashes of vivid colour alongside melodies that warm you from the inside out. Her first solo album « Inner Geography » will be released in September 2021 on Igloo Records.
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