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Saxkartel v.2
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Matthias Van den Brande - Soprano saxophone    
Thomas Jillings - Alto saxophone    
Bart Borremans - Tenor saxophone    
Tom Van Dyck - Baritone saxophone    

A new breath for Saxkartel

Saxkartel always occupied a special place in the ‘Belgian house of jazz’. Chamber music, an uncommon line-up, Jazz that grooves without a rhythm section … Does that sound like a contradiction? Saxkartel already proved in the past that the answer to that question is ‘no’.

Today Tom Van Dyck takes the quartet a step further: (organized) atonality and asymmetrical grooves have become important ingredients in the new repertoire. And let it be clear: there's a lot of composition to it, but these compositions only start a real life when spiced with solo's from the four of them.

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