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The Jazz Syndicate
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Antoine Marcel - Trumpet    
Pierre Spataro - Tenor saxophone    
Martin Daniel - Piano    
Damien Campion - Double bass    
Jérôme Baudart - Percussion    

The ‘JAZZ SYNDICATE‘ is born in 2011 in Brussels with the arrival of the trumpet player Frenchman Antoine MARCEL where it met during the recording of the album of ‘Rue des pêcheries‘ the saxophonist Pierre SPATARO, the pianist Martin Daniel and the percussionist Jérôme BAUDART. Together they exchanged their common passion for the music of jazz Bebop and Hardbop as well as their musical reference senblables such as Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Bobby Thimons, Benny Golson ect.

The musicians learnt to know each other by playing together during several concerts. Instantly they wanted to form an orchestra together. But, the 5tet will come into the world only in 2012, the musicians having a booking of extremely loaded time. Then, simple percentage reaches with them the solidity of the double bass player Damien CAMPION which was obviously the man of situation.
It is during Jam session that the 5tet made the connaissence of Emilie DE HALLEUX, singer and violinist. It’s special stamp of voice and its violin were exactly what was needed to the 5ete to develop an originality and skylines different while keeping beauty and culture of this big tradition jazz. The orchestra ‘Emilie and the Jazz SYNDICATE‘ was born.

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