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Tree-Ho !
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Alain Pierre
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Alain Pierre - Guitar    
Félix Zurstrassen - Electric bass    
Antoine Pierre - Drums    

The members of « Tree-Ho ! »

Name : Pierre
First name : Alain

Alain has always liked acoustic guitars, especially nylon strings, but also the twelve-string guitar (aka “folk” guitar). In his personal approach of jazz, he uses classical guitar techniques on the twelve steel strings, which is definitely one of the key features of his style.
No wonder that Alain is particularly fond of the luxuriant acoustic jazz of the 70’s, best represented, among others, by the ECM label. His compositions and playing arise from these influences.

Name : Pierre
First name : Antoine

Antoine is Alain’s son. As such, he fell into his father’s magic jazz cauldron and grew up as a fan of jazz music of all times.
His musical path has led him so far through a large part of Europe and to New-York City, playing with key jazz artists (Philip Catherine, Enrico Pieranunzi, …)
He received the « Sabam Jazz Award 2015 » for young> Everything he hears becomes part of his extremely personal musical language, and his playing enhances Alain’s compositions.

Name : Zurstrassen
First name : Félix

Félix is the perfect third member of the trio, for he is already a partner of the second one in various projects, as well as curious and eager to play the music of the first.
He is a bassist with astonishing musical capabilities, precise and always appropriate. His solid playing is very much in demand, and this rich experience enables him to fit accurately into any lineup.

The band shed new light on Alain Pierre’s compositions, his music is played with verve, power and contrasts.

Tree-Ho ! This trio is flashy, fiery and fresh.

First CD : "Aaron & Allen" (Spinach Pie Records, SPR 101) ( – distributed by Igloo Circle: )

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