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David Thomaere Trio
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David Thomaere

David Thomaere - Piano    
Félix Zurstrassen - Double bass    
Antoine Pierre - Drums    

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This trio is for David Thomaere the perfect way to play his compositions in a pure and disclosed form. Influenced by ECM-music (Keith Jarrett, Marcin Wasilewski,…) as well as the modern jazzscène (Aaron Parks, Taylor Eigsti, Nathalie Loriers,…) this piano-trio has an individual and original jazz-sound. The music is being told like a story with both rhythmical and very intimate passages, now and then altered with an old-school standard.

To create the trio he found two great musicians: Felix Zurstrassen, a double bass player we see a lot in the Brussels jazzscène and Antoine Pierre, a young drummer who plays recently with Belgian jazz legend Philip Catherine.

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