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Lionel Beuvens quartet
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Web site Dedicated website
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Lionel Beuvens - Drums    
Alexi Tuomarila - Piano    
Kalevi Louhivuori - Trumpet    
Brice Soniano - Double bass    

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Lionel Beuvens, 31, is one of our finest drummers, having provided rhythm on numerous releases for other people. He has also played in many bands, including that of Fabrice Alleman. So he thought it was time to put his name first on the cover of an album. That album is “Trinité”, with nothing but his own compositions that are subtle, elegant, varied but that are all marked by the same pursuit of atmosphere and colour. Influences? The work of John Coltrane and Steve Coleman, the swing of Count Basie or Erroll Garner, the simplicity of pop rock, the rhythms of Africa, Latino jazz, Bach and Radiohead… An alchemy that creates music of gold, carried by musicians that play impeccably. Frenchman Brice Soniano and the Belgian Lionel Beuvens weave a fine web on which the two Finns, pianist Alexi Tuomarila and trumpet-player Kalevi Louhivori, can play. It’s quite simply beautiful. There are still no other words to be used.
(Belgian Jazz Meeting 2013 - JCV)
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