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The Jazz Station Big Band
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Stéphane Mercier - Alto saxophone, Flute, Conductor    
Daniel Stokart - Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flutes    
Steven Delannoye - Tenor saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Vincent Brijs - Baritone saxophone    
Michel Paré - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Olivier Bodson - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet, Flugelhorn    
Edouard Wallyn - Trombone    
David De Vrieze - Trombone    
Bart De Lausnay - Bass trombone    
François Decamps - Guitar    
Vincent Bruyninckx - Piano    
Piet Verbist - Double bass    
Toon Van Dionant - Drums    

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Since 2006, the Jazz Station Big Band is the house band of the Jazz Station, a famous club in Brussels.
The group has developed a very distinctive sound and has become paramount to the Belgian scene. Its repertoire is daring, and borrows at times from the jazz giants (Monk, Mingus...), adding up its own special flavors.
The JSBB is made of accomplished soloists, among which are its own arrangers.

“The Jazz Station Big Band proves to be one of the most promising ensembles in Europe. The writing is ingenious and ambitious and the arragements are deep and meaningful. Their astute use of odd time signatures, metric modulations and free improvisation keeps the listener engaged and interested but there’s also great lyricism, simplicity and beauty in their work. Definitely a high quality release from an ensemble that has unlimited potential” Antonio Sanchez (drummer of the Pat Metheny Group and composer for the soundtrack of Birdman, Academy Award recipient for Best Picture, 2015).

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