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Hommage to Jaco Pastorius | (Michel Hatzigeorgiou)
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Michel Hatzigeorgiou
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Peter Graves - band conductor    
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - Electric bass    
Eric Verhaeghe - Trumpet    
Michel Paré - Trumpet    
Laurent Blondiau - Trumpet    
Bert Joris - Trumpet    
Flavio Boltro - Trumpet    
Geoffroy De Masure - Trombone    
Michel Massot - Trombone    
Jean-Louis Pommier - Trombone    
François Thuillier - Trombone    
Frank Vaganée - Alto saxophone    
Fabrice Alleman - Alto saxophone    
Stefano Di Battista - Alto saxophone    
Erwin Vann - Tenor saxophone    
Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor saxophone    
Laurent Doumont - Baritone saxophone    
Pierre Bernard - Flute    
Michel Seba - Percussion    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    
Félix Pastorius - Electric bass    
Jean "Toots" Thielemans - Harmonica    
Othello Molineaux - Steel drum    

Bassist virtuoso Michel HATZIGEORGIOU knew Jaco PASTORIUS very well. He had the opportunity to tour with him and to become very familiar with his music.

When Jaco died, Michel felt that his music had to live on, especially his great big band music, which has a unique sound.

Michel recreates the bass parts and the musical direction is in the hands of another friend of Jaco, Peter GRAVES.

The repertoire includes "Liberty City", "Three Views of a Secret", "Continuum", etc... and a few pieces associated with the period during which Jaco was a member of Weather Report ("Punk Jazz" and compositions by Wayne Shorter).

The band appeared with great success in several festivals, a.o. at the Festival of "Les Lundis d'Hortense" in Brussels, at Jazz Middelheim Festival 99, Gaume Festival '99 (shown on RTBF TV).

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