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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Address Visserij 12
9000 Ghent
Office :
Brugsesteenweg 267B
9000 Gent
Phone +32 (0) 494 44 87 01
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Web site Dedicated website
© Pierre Volpe

Moufadhel Adhoum - Ud    
Niko Deman - Piano    
Chryster Aerts - Drums    
Rui Salgado - Bass    
Vardan Hovanissian - doudouk, chvie (Occasional participation)  
Azzedine Jazouli - Percussion (Past performances)  
Chris Mentens - Double bass (Past performances)  
Vincent Noiret - Double bass (Past performances)  

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Hijaz is without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the Belgian world music scene. The quartet weaves a tangible dialogue between oud (the Arab lute) and piano, bridging divides between Arab music and jazz. That duality is reflected in their name, Hijaz,. In their fourth and most recent album ’Nahadin’, Hijaz take a major step forward or, at least, into some other dimension. They have been experimenting, composing and recording new pieces, flouting all rules and formal standards to arrive at a real symbiosis of cultures. They are taking a high dive into the music: no verses, choruses or bridges, choosing to explore the organic quality of the music, at the point where it acquires the fluidity of water. For the release of their album, they have invited Tunisian singer Abir Nasraoui as their guest. She also sings on the new album.
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