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Hermann little big band
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Web site Dedicated website
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JB Guerrier - Double bass    
Antoine Lissoir - Alto saxophone, Clarinet    
Mathieu Najean - Tenor saxophone, Clarinet    
Arthur Hirtz - Baritone saxophone, Clarinet    
Timothé le Maire - Trombone    
Raphaël Hallez - Trumpet    
Antoine Marcel - Trumpet    
Livio Luzzi - Violin, Turntables    
Romain Verwilghen - Guitar    
Alain Decroix - Piano    
Daniel Duchateau - Drums    
Muriel D'Ailleurs - Vocals    

Newcomer on the Brussels swing scene, the Hermann Little Big Band (HLBB) is the result of frenetic night-time encounters during the jam sessions of the Herman Bar and the Stompin'At Saint Gilles swing dance parties. The 12 musicians of this "small" big ensemble will share their passion for Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Duke Ellington, Count Basie and many more. A repertoire entirely devoted to dance and based on original arrangements written by members of the band or on original transcriptions. Prepare to embark on the era of swing and make the floor vibrate, let's get dancing!
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