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Hendrik Lasure Warm Bad
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Hendrik Lasure
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Hendrik Lasure - Piano, Writing, composition, arrangements    
Sam Comerford - Saxophones    
Marco Giongrandi - Guitar    
Vitja Pauwels - Guitar    
Benjamin Sauzereau - Guitar    
Soet Kempeneer - Bass    
Casper Van de Velde - Drums    

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Jazz ensemble warm bad was founded by Hendrik Lasure on the occasion of his master's recital at the KCB. A saxophone and piano quartet augmented with three guitars: it opens up a wet but warm sound palette that sounds intimate and spacious at the same time. Lasure's compositions balance on the edge of the tonal abyss, searching for the rich no-man's land between harmony and dissonance, between abstract sounds and the tangibility of a pop song. Improvising drives the band members to spill the bath water over the edges. Together they explore vast plateaus of sound, navigating past islands of songs that slowly capsize in improvisation, from which emerge the outlines of a composition. After Lasure's duo without vowels SCHNTZL, warm bad is a big band without capitals, that with a wealth of strings (22 in total) still dares to sound sparse, and reveals a wealth of colours in the multifaceted sound of the ensemble.
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