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Guy Cabay & Li Grand Cayon
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Address Place Victor Bouillenne 15a
4803 Polleur
Fax +32 (0)87 22 27 12
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Guy Cabay - Vibraphone, Piano, Vocals, Composer    
Fabrice Alleman - Soprano saxophone, Tenor saxophone    
Xavier Tribolet - Keyboards, Synthesizer    
Benoît Vanderstraeten - Electric bass    
Mimi Verderame - Drums    

A band of Guy CABAY, who is an original on the Belgian scene : he sings his own songs, with a jazz influence and a definite Brazilian a Walloon dialect. Strangely enough, the accents of his lyrics, combined with his soft toned voice, remind of the sound of the great masters of the Brazilian bossa nova.
And he solos on the vibraphone, his main instrument.
The bands name, Li Grand Cayon, doesn't have anything to do with the Grand Canyon, as one may expect. It stands for "The big disorder", or "The big mess" (in Walloon), which illustrates Guy CABAY's humorous approach. The band, in an intimate atmosphere, achieves a surprizing and refreshing fusion of jazz, Walloon chanson and Brazilian music.

They performed a.o. at the Liège Festival in May '97

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