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Greetings from Mercury | (Jeroen Van Herzeele / Peter Hertmans)
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Jeroen Van Herzeele - Tenor saxophone    
Peter Hertmans - Guitar    
Otti Van Der Werf - Electric bass    
Steven Segers - rap    
Stéphane Galland - Drums    
Michel Andina - Sitar    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 

WHAT can we expect of a group that mercilessly combines shuddering bass-lines, incessant beats and magical saxophone riffs with complex guitar solos, intelligent rap and the mystical sound of the sitar ? Perhaps the question should not be posed, as, where GFM are concerned, expectations are constantly confounded. The music from GFM has changed to almost unrecognisable degrees, evolving from an original surprising " strictly jazz " format, with sax - guitar - drums 'n no bass, to what it is today - cutting - edge hip hop built on a solid jazz fondation, enriched with strong influences from the worlds of African and Asian music, and healthy dose of funk, to boot. Is this jazz ? Maybe, but not as we know it…The audacious experimentations of these musicians have created a formidable monster ; something entirely new, a deep and dynamic sound full of innovation, that grabs hold of our senses and refuses to let go. Anyone who feel funkiness flowing through their veins will find themselves simply giving in, and tumbling into the irresistable grooves of Greeting From Mercury .

Greetings From Mercury : music driven by rhythms.
Jeroen Van Herzeele has made, with his second CD, an eclectic piece of work, inspired by John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, early Miles Davis - fusion, urban rap, John Scofield and many others. The music is based on groovy, funky rhythms with intelligent and catchy elements.
With Greetings From Mercury, Jeroen has looked for a much rougher sound. After all, he grew up with rock music, such as Jimi Hendrix. He still wants more collective improvisation and at the same time write more " worked - out " - compositions.
Steven Segers weaves his very interesting lyrics in the music and is therefore very important The rap in the music is also an extra rhytms - element, a vocal percussion and a new sound colour. This is a powerful band, thanks to its intelligence and its strong unity with clever items, moving polyrhytms and a definite strong sound… Greetings From Mercury make funky music with a lot of grooves and saxophone solos which remind us of Coltrane.

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