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Goldenfish Trio
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Toine Thys
Phone +32 (0)479 73 95 71
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Céline t'Sas
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Renaud Person
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Toine Thys - Tenor saxophone    
Renaud Person - Drums    
Yannick Peeters - Double bass    

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This new jazz band uses the legendary magic sax-bass-drums combination, in the tradition of Sonny Rollins, Joe Lovano, Branford Marsalis. Two confirmed players (Toine Thys & Renaud Person) have recently discovered a wonderful and very promising talent in the young bassist Miss Yannick Peeters.

Playing their favorite songs and original compositions, they give you a rendez-vous with an intense swing, a generous sound, a lot of energy and suprises; in other words, with a true and great jazz feeling.

The GOLDENFISH TRIO has given around 15 concerts since its birth in April 2004.

Toine Thys : tenor saxophone
Well known from the band TAKE THE DUCK, a busy leader, active composer and a demanded sideman, Toine is an intense musician who likes to surprise his audience as well as himself. His adventurous playing is sometimes energetic, sometimes more suggested, and he plays all the time with a rich and warm sound.

Yannick Peeters : double bass
New member of the band, short biography not available yet. Yannick is recently back from a long study course in Sweden with Andres Jormin, bassist with the Bobo Stenson trio. A young and already very mature player.

Renaud Person : drums
An active member of the Belgian scene since several years, He collaborated with the greatests : Steve Houben, Fabrice Alleman, Richard Rousselet, Phil Abraham, Pierre Vaiana, Frank Vaganée etc… Drummer with an uncompromising swing, his creative and stimulating playing generates an irresistible force of cohesion, as well as a great support for the soloists.

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