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François Delporte - Guitar    
Olivier Stalon - Electric bass    
Xavier Rogé - Drums    

Texte également disponible en français 
Fox is a trio that plays without half-measures or concessions.

Jazz that sounds like progressive rock, played with knowing glances: François Delporte – electric guitars (KMG’s, Artet), Olivier Stalon – electric basses (qUETZAL, Darwin Case, Acous’trees), Xavier Rogé - drums (Darwin Case, Ibrahim Maalouf).

His music makes no concession and is spontaneous, energetic and provocative. Concerts are often the occasions of surprises and spontaneous arrangements.

In his own image, the music is spontaneous & energetic, now bewitching, now provocative.

Fox wants to have fun and keep his mind open, to play without inhibition. Be on stage is its first goal; where his tunes have different meanings, depending on the improvisation.

It’s a mix of moods that gathers the audience and federates the styles.
If you listen to Fox live, take care of the touchdown!

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