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Folk / Tassignon Quartet
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Susanne Folk - Saxophones, Clarinet    
Sophie Tassignon - Vocals    
Lothar Ohlmeier - Bass clarinet    
Andreas Waelti - Double bass    

With the sound of a chamber music ensemble and a unique instrumental formation, the Folk-Tassignon Quartet creates a musical ambience that one can only fall in love with! The compositions of Belgian singer Sophie Tassignon and American-German saxophonist/clarinetist Susanne Folk tell stories, depict unbelievable images, retrace the secret of time, and delve into a wide range of emotions. The music is refined and tenderly arranged for voice, two wind instruments and double bass; and it explores all facets of the four solo instruments. The listener is free to be carried away by the powerful group sound, or to follow the stories being sung; to decipher the melodic lines of the individual voices, or to be carried by the senses into the captivating rhythmic pulses, which are built through Folk and Tassignon's intricate arrangements, and which often create the feeling that a fifth band member is present on drums. It is easy to find an array of musical elements in the writing of Folk and Tassignon - who both have a love of mixing musical textures and styles such as tango, reggae and swing - and to walk away from their music with a feeling of fulfilling enjoyment and surprise.
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