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Félix Zurstrassen trio
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Félix Zurstrassen
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Félix Zurstrassen - Electric bass    
Nelson Veras - Guitar    
Antoine Pierre - Drums    

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For about a decade, the bassist Félix Zurstrassen has collaborated on many projects spanning numerous musical horizons as diverse as they are varied. With this rich and flourishing musical experience, this artist is now launching his first solo project working closely with the celebrated Brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras and his loyal accomplice, the talented Antoine Pierre on drums.

The repertoire, composed entirely by Félix Zurstrassen, was especially thought out with this original trio in mind. The music is melodic, innovative, demanding and ambitious in a number of regards. At the heart of this conscientiously organised universe, the intense trio improvises in complete freedom alternating enthusiasm and restraint.

Through this musical project, Félix Zurstrassen intends to establish himself not only as one of the most celebrated Belgian bassists of his generation, but also as an enlightened musician and composer.

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