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Fabrice Alleman & 26 strings
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Fabrice Alleman
Phone +32 (0)475 64 27 28
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Phone +32 (0)475 64 27 28
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Fabrice Alleman - Soprano saxophone, Vocals    
Fred Favarel - Guitar   (France)
Reggie Washington - Double bass   (USA)
Minino Garay - Drums and percussion   (Argentina)
+ Quatuor MP4      
Claire Bourdet - Violin    
Margaret Hermant - Violin    
Pierre Heneaux - Viola    
Merryl Havard - Cello    

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Saxophonist Fabrice Alleman, one of the most important figures on the current Belgian jazz scene, received in August 2012 a "carte blanche" from the Gaume Jazz Festival (B).
On this occasion, Fabrice presented a combination of creative soloists coming from several continents dialoguing with classical string players. That's 26 strings in total, and lots of interactions.
Most of the arrangements for this project have been written by Michel Herr.
The premiere received an enthusiastic response from the audience and the media.

An amazing mix of jazz, classical music and rhythms from Argentina.

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