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Fabien Degryse / Joël Rabesolo
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Web site Dedicated website

Fabien Degryse - Acoustic guitar    
Joel Rabesolo - Acoustic guitar    

Texte ťgalement disponible en franÁais 
De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
Fabien Degryse and JoŽl Rabesolo revisit jazz repertoire (Softly as in a Morning Sunrise, Stompin Ďat the Savoy), as well as Malagasy pop (Voninavoko) and traditional music (Pangalana). There are also original compositions (Inty hira inty mampanontany, Muir Woods). The music is bright, accessible and sophisticated at the same time. It goes straight to the heart, thanks not only to the rapport between the two musicians, but also to the swing and groove arising out of each piece. Fabienís jazz phrasing responds to the more pop style of JoŽl, and the mix of genres is a real success. As indefinable as it is, this original music canít help but touch a wide audience open to jazz, song, folk, blues or pop. An audience open to the world. An audience open, simply, to good music.

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