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F, B and I
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Web site Dedicated website
Renaud Person
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Web site Dedicated website

Nicola Andrioli - Piano    
Hendrik Vanattenhoven - Double bass    
Renaud Person - Drums    

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The F, B and I trio was born in 2009 in Brussels, from a nice encounter between three nationalities (France, Belgium and Italy). With a superb original repertoire and a few carefully selected standards, the band ventures into a versatile jazz combining a wide diversity of influences with a high degree of inventiveness, navigating with no restrictions among the endless possibilities offered by melody, harmony, rhythm, form, dynamics, sound texture, improvisation... Stemming from a deep and free artistic thought, traveling along old and new, close and distant, known and unknown territories, the music of F, B and I follows its own path, with the help of three musicians deeply dedicated to their art.

On Youtube, a video featuring "Bliss" (N. Andrioli)

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