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Henk De Laat - Double bass    
Ron van Stratum - Drums, Percussion    
Frank Peeters - Guitar, Percussion    
Peter Hermesdorf - Saxophones    
Dirk Schreurs - Piano    

Right now someone might be questioning the future development of live and recorded music, speaking in somber tones of changes that have made it difficult to reach listeners, of technologies that have altered social tendencies, and of the lack of creativity found in some of the arts.

But in a tiny yet impressive microcosm of this universe known as The New Enrique Tarde Group creativity is alive and kicking, expanding, and ready for growth and expansion. And somewhere, whatever gods of music there might be, they are smiling right now.

Enrique Tarde’s story is - like most great stories - one of travels through a wide range of cultures, friendship, strength, a happy ending and a promising future. Pristine vocals, state-of-the-art grooves, backed up by multi-faceted textures and lines are the trademarks of this unique band.

European based vocalist and bassist Henk de Laat, drummer and percussionist Ron van Stratum, guitarist Frank Peeters, pianist Dirk Schreurs and saxophone player Peter Hermesdorf were looking to create music that reflected who they were, individually and collectively. This quintet began experimenting with latin-oriented jazz music that could groove as hard as fusion rhythms, yet remained essentially melodic and propulsive, giving the musicians plenty of room to create hypnotic sounds and expressive textures that were brimming with both improvisation and harmony. "From the very beginning, we felt an organic connection between all of us, as human beings and as musicians. We just let the music flow in whatever direction it goes. Moreover, there is a indisputable chemistry happening between us, musically," says Enrique Tarde, "and in addition to that we share a kind of friendship that takes us beyond our music."

A happy ending and a promising future, indeed. The New Enrique Tarde Group wants to share the joy of playing music that reflects their emotions and connectedness. At the same time, they will take their listeners to a universe, where creativity and spontaneity are honored, revered, and encouraged. And this is just the beginning of an energetic and conscious journey into the realms of infinite artistic expression.

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