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Barbara Wiernik
Phone +32 479 51 98 63
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Barbara Wiernik - Vocals    
Hélène Duret - Bb clarinet, Bass clarinet    
Sigrid Vandenbogaerde - Cello    
Jessica Ryckewaert - Marimba, Vibraphone    

Texte également disponible en français 
ELLIPSE, French for Ellipsis, omission of one or more elements of a statement without the latter ceasing to be understandable.
So an « ellipse » is a free, or even freed, space; a bare space between the lines and between the notes.

These suspended silences single out the new project of Barbara Wiernik, as much as the delicacy of the sounds which surround and bind them, as if to connect dots to reveal the outlines of a drawing ... The originality of the quartet is further based on the choice of instruments, which arose from Barbara's fondness for each of the instrumentalists, and the desire to gather these around a new repertoire written and arranged for them by Alain Pierre and Barbara Wiernik.

In this definitely feminine project, with Barbara we find Hélène Duret on clarinet and bass clarinet, as well as Sigrid Vandenbogaerde on cello and Jessica Ryckewaert, alternately on vibraphone and marimba. The result is a surprising blend of freshness and poetry.

The texts written and sung by Barbara speak of forgetfulness, letting go, femininity, fragments of life. The music is sparkling and cheerful, full of color and vibration, as it is a project that wants to be positive and sweet, to soothe the listener’s soul...

Ellipse daringly warbles the notes. It's a happy mix of song, chamber music and jazz.
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