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Easy Pieces
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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Benjamin Sauzereau - Guitar    
Dorian Dumont - Piano    
Hendrik Lasure - Fender Rhodes    

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Easy Pieces is a trio that explores the combination of acoustic and amplified sounds, by playing original compositions written for the unusual instrumentation of acoustic piano, keyboards, and guitar. They create atmospheres, going from wide soundscapes to carefully crafted melodies: small and refined instrumental pieces with an improvised dimension that suggest real-life stories but always leave enough space for the listener to wander.

Three musicians very active in Belgium, in bands as diverse as « les Chroniques de L’Inutile”, “SCHNTZL”, “ECHT!”, “warm bad”, get together around a collection of pieces written for this unusual instrumentation and for these personalities. A general sound that is intimate but which can get surprisingly powerful at times.

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