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Web site Dedicated website
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Benjamin Sauzereau - Guitar    
Dorian Dumont - Piano    
Hendrik Lasure - Fender Rhodes    

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Easy Pieces is a trio that explores the combination of acoustic and amplified sounds, by writing and playing original compositions written for this unusual instrumentation of acoustic piano, electric piano and guitar.

This band works on being one strong unit, as well as taking different approaches for playing together. They create certain atmospheres that change organically, going from wide soundscapes to carefully crafted melodies. Small and refined instrumental pieces with an improvised dimension that suggest real-life stories but always leave enough space for the listener to wander.

These three young musicians were able to find a deep mutual understanding in eachother during a series of concerts, and so they developed a way to overcome the usual functions of their harmonic instruments to bring forth a sound that is sometimes rock, sometimes abstract but always narrative.

Easy Pieces is going to release his first album in 2018. Stay Tuned...
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