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Duo Véronique Bizet / Jacques Pirotton
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Véronique Bizet
Address Ingendaellaan 30
1652 Alsemberg
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Véronique Bizet - Piano    
Jacques Pirotton - Electric guitar    

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This duo, created in 2020, is the new project of these two musicians, well known on the European jazz scene. Both have played with great jazz musicians, both are composers, and have had or have their own bands in duo, trio, quartet, even quintet. Thanks to their common musical culture, they play not only their own music but also jazz standards, compositions by contemporary jazz musicians, and free improvisation. As a consequence of this rich influence, their music is sometimes intimate, sometimes rooted in jazz tradition, sometimes free and surprising.

After the first lockdown, end of July 2020, they made a recording of eight tunes, with Peter Hertmans as sound engineer. Don't miss their future concerts !

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