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DelVitaGroup XL
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Toni Vitacolonna
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Inside Jazz Management
Address Brusselsesteenweg 502 B
9050 Ledeberg
Phone +32 (0)486 84 09 77
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Jens Tytgat
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Jens Tytgat

Peter Delannoye - Trombone    
Steven Delannoye - Soprano saxophone    
Bart Van Caenegem - Piano    
Janos Bruneel - Double bass    
Toni Vitacolonna - Drums    
+ 7 classical wind instruments      
Tille van Gastel - Flute    
Ineke Craeghs - Oboe, English horn    
Frank Coryn - Clarinet    
Bert Helsen - Bassoon    
Bart Lagacie - Bass clarinet    
Anthony Devriendt - French horn    
Pieter Nevejans - Tuba    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
The DelVitaGroup has been working since June of 2010 on a new project which will be released in the form of a cd in the autumn of 2013.

In August of 2010, the need for something new became more and more imminent. The group's interest in classical music pushed them to look for a way of combining their knowledge and experience in jazz with various influences of impressionist music. This long and extended research lead to a.o. the Masters thesis and recital of trombonist Peter Delannoye, which got very appreciated by well known composers and musicians for the daedalian approach towards the applied material.

This first successful step inspired the band to dig deeper in the rich œuvre of Belgian impressionist composers such as Joseph Jongen, Lodewijk Mortelmans, … To combine both worlds as truthfully as possible, the musicians chose to extend the basic quintet with a classical woodwinds ensemble. This new setting allows a very honest handling of this rich colour palette and offers on a lager scale a brand new angle of incidence for the group. A direct consequence is the chance to discover and explore a wide range of instrumental combinations.

The arrangements for DelVitaGroup XL are not only written by the band members themselves, but internationally recognized arrangers such as Carlos Azevedo (Portugal), Lode Mertens (Belgium), Joppe Bestevaar were commissioned to add their own voice to this unique and beautiful project. Next to the bands musical evolution, the work of this extended ensemble proudly explores Belgium's rich musical history and finds a unique way of bringing Belgium to the world and the world to Belgium. All this is brought to you via a peaceful art form: MUSIC!

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