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De Looze/Machtel/De Waele
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Web site Dedicated website
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Jens Tytgat
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
Jens Tytgat
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Bram De Looze - Piano    
Jos Machtel - Double bass    
Matthias De Waele - Drums    

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The setting of a pianotrio is a way to open up their hearts, where these three musicians have reached similar understandings through regular performances.
Sensitivity, color, dynamics, clarity and economy are essential values to their music where every musician is given the space to have his own concept of playing, and to add something to the others' concept. From beginning to end, every note is approached with a true and honest feeling and a sense of openness. The musicians open their minds to sounds that come from various musical corners and paths in jazz history. Due to their personal aesthetics, harmonic possibilities are hiding around the corner and show themselves at the right moment. When touch and instinct come together, the musicians' ideas can flourish in a soundscape of precise balance, in which they can adjust themselves instantaneously.

In their repertoire, the musicians give an insight into their souls by playing certain less known ballads that form an ultimate challenge for this trio. Tunes written in the first half of the 20th century, kept on growing in the minds of the trio to the point that they could relate to the bottom of the song.
All elements of these songs are spontaneously mixed up, reordered and relayered, by means of the common imagination of the trio and their mutual communication. The trio gives the public the fantastic feeling that they embark on an unforgettable journey.

"Belgian jazz tuition has been of the highest standard in recent years. Talent, however, can’t be taught and pianist Bram De Looze is living proof of that; he has already been recognized as one of the pedigree musicians who will undoubtedly determine the sound of Belgian jazz over the next decade. The 22-year old De Looze has been living in New York for the past year, where he is working his way into the international jazz elite. This isn’t stopping him, however, from looking for ways to express his creativity back home. Aside from his hip LABtrio, which mainly presents original work by De Looze, he is now also taking a fresh approach to the repertoire of such greats as Charles Mingus and Thelonious Monk. He’s doing this with a young colleague and eminence grise of the Belgian jazz scene.
The Dutch bassist Jos Machtel has been associated with the famed Brussels Jazz Orchestra since forever and a day. During his career, he has toured the globe, and has lived and worked in cities like Kansas and Madrid. He has played with such illustrious greats as Lee Konitz, Woody Shaw, Deborah Brown and Philip Catherine.
Drummer Matthias De Waele is what one would call a late bloomer. Before turning to music he got a degree in criminology. After finishing his studies, he threw himself into a musical career and, in no time at all, revealed himself to be a formidable jazz drummer, styled after his hero, Philly Joe Jones. Aside from this trio, he can also be found working with promising new bands such as Trioxide and Phd."
(Belgian Jazz Meeting 2013 - JLS)

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