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Cruz controL
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Julie Dehaye
Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website

Julie Dehaye - Fender Rhodes    
François Lourtie - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Jérôme Heiderscheidt - Bass    
Jérôme Klein - Drums    

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Cruz controL is comprised of 4 musicians, each with a completely different musical background. This, along with the Fender Rhodes electric piano, a choice of stomp boxes and personal compositions, forms Cruz controL’s distinctive trademark sound. Influenced by jazz, funk, free, pop-rock and electro, driven by asymmetric beats, their music takes you to unexpected territories. Through a journey from explosive highs to minimal solos and funky bass riffs Cruz controL are always solidly in the groove. Switch on the Cruz controL, and let the journey continue ...

" I appreciate their cohesion, compositions and arrangements, their style, their dynamics … They play a "different" kind of music, not really jazz, nor rock … They will have to, like for example Aka Moon have done, impose their music through the eye of a needle. " José Bedeur
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