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Colorcity | (Bruno Corbisier)
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Address Avenue de Haveskercke 135
1190 Brussels (Forest)
Phone +32 (0)2 376 50 13
Phone +32 (0)2 347 56 60 (bureau)
Fax +32 (0)2 345 58 55

Didier Indot - Guitar    
Pieter Lamal - Piano    
Bruno Corbisier - Double bass    
Greg Faravel - Drums    

Founded in 1996, the group members had previously the opportunity to appreciate each other in the framework of other bands. They rallied around a project which aims to be out of the just ordinary jam sessions and other "telephone-gigs".
They play in great part original compositions rendered more pleasant, here and there by some arrangements which themselves are original.
The influences are multiple and all told, one may conclude that COLORCITY put the emphasis on listening, groove, contrasts, soul, improvisation, the simple pleasure of sharing the music.

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