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Milkshake Banana 2.0 | (Peter Vandendriessche)
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Address Arthur Meulemanslaan 10
3200 Aarschot
Phone +32 (0)475 75 64 90
Fax +32 (0)16 57 02 02
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Web site Dedicated website

Peter Vandendriessche - Alto saxophone    
Dirk Schreurs - Keyboards    
Roman Korolik - Electric bass    
Koen Vandendriessche - Drums    

Milkshake Banana 2.0 is a fusion band previously known as "Chromatic Banana" wich was founded in November 2002. It was Peter Vandendriessche's wish, for a long time, to start this project, which isn't actually really new.

The former band Milkshake Banana had the same kind of sound. But the musicians were young at that time, thus different. The current band's goal is to bring a fusion of funk, latin, balad, ... together, in a way that one can call it Jazz. Jazz for everybody.

The main concern is the beauty of the melodies and time for improvisation.

The band has a repertoire of its own.

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