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Brick Quartet
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Address Herlegemstraat, 132
9070 Destelbergen
Phone 0486 452 53 20
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Mathias Van De Wiele - Guitar    
Ben Sluijs - Saxophones    
Lode Vercampt - Cello    
Dimitri Simoen - Drums    

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Brick quartet offers a set of original compositions and improvisations, plenty of contrasts but nevertheless always resonating. Their sound lies between a chamber music ensemble and a jazz combo and both forms are being explored. Every composition has it's own storyline and balances on the edge of jazz and classical music, impro and songwriting. The result is energetic music with a cinematic character, once turbulent, then melancholic and always creating space for individual and collective improvisation.

Brick was formed in June 2004 by Mathias Van de Wiele out of the desire to create an acoustic jazz-impro platform and to take on a new musical challenge. Brick chose to work focused and their rehearsals were straight recorded, which resulted in a full-cd demo. Concerts followed at the 'Rode pomp' and 'Klarafestival'.

Prospects: Brick plays a 'Jazzlab series' concert tour in October 2005.

The members of Brick quartet are all young professional musicians coming from a different musical background.This diversity colours their music strongly.

Mathias Van de Wiele (guitar-composition): studied jazz guitar at the conservatory of Ghent, plays with Moker (jazz-impro), Ultrasonic 7 (dance), Saf (Gents chanson) and Va Fan fahre (Balkan swing). Teaches at the governemental academies of Beveren and Bornem and writes all kinds of music. Was touring and playing concerts in Spain, Holland, Germany, Portugal, France and Taiwan.

Lode Vercampt (cello-composition): became laureat at young age of the Astoria competition, Jeunes talents, Pro civitate and the 5th National S.W.U. competition. Studied cello at the conservatory of Ghent. Played with an wrote music for several theatre productions (Muziek Lod, Vilanella, Het net, Vooruit, Beursschouwburg) and toured In the USA, Chili, Japan, Europe and Taiwan.
Engaged as a freelancer with Il novecento, Flemish opera, I fiaminghi and Prima la musica. Recent productions: Yerma, De Kreutzersonates, Cris Defoort-Arne van Dongen-Claron Mc Fadden.

Joachim Badenhorst (clarinet-bass clarinet-composition): enrolled at the conservatory of Den Haag at the age of 17 with John Ruocco and later on with Michael Moore. Is a member of various jazz groups. Beside jazz he is as well playing klezmer (Braboshinke), pop music (Feles), tango (Lunfardo). Performed at the Northsea jazz festival with the Michael Brecker quindectet. Joined an international workshop where he had masterclasses with Dave Douglas, Don byron and Misha Mengelberg.

Dimitri Simoen (drums): started off playing jazz at young age and studied music autodidactically up till today. Plays drums with Kraafs (cabaret), Mishtu (klezmer), Eau de vie (chanson), Va Fan Fahre (balkan swing).
Participated as well in the troubleman project, Passe-Partout/War of nie War and the recordings for the theatre piece Sjoerd zegt foert by Theatre Taptoe.

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