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Vincent Brijs - Saxophones    
Andrew Claes - Saxophones, EWI, Darbuka    
Jan Willems - Keyboards    
Geert Hellings - Guitar    
Maarten Moesen - Drums    
Dries Laheye - Electric bass    
Stijn Cools - Drums    

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BRZZVLL was founded by Vincent Brijs in 2006.
This Antwerp collective plays improvised dance music with a jazz-fusion, funk and rare groove sound like those of the 70’s : bass and drums very tight and funky, horns, guitar and keyboards very imaginative and sexy.
The bands’ unique cross polination of cosmic jazz, spoken word & afrobeat makes them stand out in today’s jazz scene.

Their debute “Days of Thunder, Days of Grace” was voted Best Belgian Jazz Album of 2008 by newspaper Le Soir.
For their last two critically acclaimed albums, BRZZVLL worked together with spoken word artists Anthony Joseph (“Engines”, 2014) & Amir Sulaiman (“First Let’s Dance”, 2016).

Both albums arose from one intense, even legendary, improvised recording session. In September 2017, however, they go back to the roots with the new instrumental album “Waiho”, Maori for ‘leaving’.
No vocalist or soloists, but excellent psychedelic, cosmic jazz-funk in which BRZZVLL’s solid, characteristic sound comes forward.

"BRZZVLL demonstrate on their third album an absorbing collection of instrumental jazz-fusion that evokes the spirit of Herbie Hancock in the 70s but manages to sound original and relevant rather than derivative and hackneyed."

Record Collector Magazine (****)"

"Named for the capital of Congo, Brazzaville, this seven-piece Belgian jazz outfit turn out to be more than just Afrobeat revivalists, drawing as much on fusion greats such as Herbie Hancock as Central African rhythms."

Q Magazine
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