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Bravo Big Band
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Web site Dedicated website

Rob Banken - Alto saxophone    
Dieter Vaganée - Alto saxophone    
Bruno Van der Haegen - Tenor saxophone    
Matthias Van den Brande - Tenor saxophone    
Ruben Verbruggen - Baritone saxophone    
Loïc Dumoulin - Trumpet    
Floris Windey - Trumpet    
Antoine Dawans - Trumpet    
Daniel Vanderhoydonks - Trumpet    
Thomas Mayade - Trumpet    
Quinten De Craecker - Trombone    
Robbe Defraye - Trombone    
Vincent Heirman - Trombone    
Bart van Gorp - Bass trombone    
Guillaume Vierset - Guitar    
Karel Cuelenaere - Piano    
Ruben Lamon - Double bass    
Matthias De Waele - Drums    

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This Big Band doesn't exist any more.

Initially 17 musicians gathered to form the ‘Brussels Youth Jazz Orchestra’, a 3-year project initiated by the ‘Brussels Jazz Orchestra’ and ‘Jeugd en Muziek Brussel’. During these three years this orchestra worked with great composers and international conductors such as Michel Herr, Klas Lindquist, Michael Abene, Pierre Drevet, Lode Mertens, Johan Plomp, John Ruocco, …

Today, the BYJO has grown and evolved into a professional jazz orchestra called ‘Bravo Big Band’. For almost two years now, they operate as an autonomous association (VZW) based in Brussels.

From the start they had the opportunity to have a residency in one of the best and hippest jazz clubs in Brussels, Bravo BXL, where they play once a month. The music varies from pieces we already played as BYJO and arrangements we bought recently, but most importantly we expand our repertoire a great deal by playing new original compositions and arrangements, written by band members who are also talented writers.

After doing many concerts and projects with famous guests (Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Steven Delannoye, Pierre Drevet, Jaune Toujours, Michel Herr,...), Bravo Big Band is now tackling a similarly ambitious project: the recording of it’s debut album!

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