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Bram Weijters - Chad McCullough Quartet
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Jens Tytgat
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Web site Dedicated website
Jens Tytgat
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Chad McCullough - Trumpet    
Bram Weijters - Piano    
Piet Verbist - Double bass    
John Bishop - Drums    

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The International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music in Banff (Canada) is an inspiring meeting place for young and promising musicians from all over the world. This is where belgian pianist Bram Weijters and Seattle based trumpet player Chad McCullough first met.

The two co-leaders are joined by two seasoned musicians : Bassist Piet Verbist, one of the finest belgian bass players, and John Bishop, one of the primary voices in Northwest American Jazz for 30 years.

After touring in Belgium and the USA, they recorded their well acclaimed first album ‘Imaginary Sketches’.

They did a lot more touring afterwards playing clubs and festivals and working on new music, which resulted in their second album Urban Nightingale, "what could be a breakout effort for both players" as All About Jazz wrote...

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