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Bram De Looze’s Septych
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Jens Tytgat
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Web site Dedicated website
Jens Tytgat

Bram De Looze - Piano, Composer    
Robin Verheyen - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone    
Bo Van Der Werf - Baritone saxophone, Bass clarinet    
Lester St-Louis - Cello    
Daniel Levin - Cello    
Gebhard Ullmann - Bass clarinet, Tenor saxophone    
Flin Van Hemmen - Drums    

With his brand new project, the Bram De Looze Septych, The prodigious pianist (°1991) mixes composed and improvised music in a subtle way with contemporary classical music and jazz. In order to make this happen he surrounds himself with an international cast of astounding musicians from the US, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. This project will mark the debut for Bram De Looze concerning a big international ensemble.

With the new compositions from Robin Verheyen, Bo van der Werf and himself in mind he assembled an unusual ensemble: a tree-piece horn section consisting of clarinets and saxophones, 2 cellos, piano and drums. The musicians he brought together are one by one major participants on the international jazz and impro scene. These musicians contribute with their diverse capacities to the eclectic character of the project. The music reflects the high level of improvisational interplay and the orchestral possibility of a setting of this kind, as it also exploits the possibility of doubling cello’s and tenor saxophones on the way. Bram De Looze aims for a primarily mid-ranged lineup of instruments, wherein its timbres fuse towards a colourful and captivating identity. An emphasis on rhythm, mysterious and intimate harmonies, from the brutal noise to the light and beautiful, open or preconceived ideas are main ingredients that are balanced out in the approach to the large diversity of ways to create music. This phenomenal and boundless collective of musicians offers a distinctive and focused set of music in a very subtile, openhearted and sensitive way. Bringing the audience in a state of concentration, moving, haunting, resignation, release, liberation.

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