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Big Noise
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Raphaël D'Agostino - Vocals, Trumpet    
Johan Dupont - Piano    
Max Malkomes - Double bass    
Laurent Vigneron - Drums    

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« Big Noise » : an original style, that is created by combining the music of Louis Armstrong with three compatible musicians that love the music of the 1920s.

In 2008, Laurent, Max and Raphaël join to create a new project: a "New Orleans" trio. They want to make popular music that touches a wide range of people in a musical style where everybody feels at home.
The first concert in Liege was a big success and they were encouraged by the public to pursue their journey. After intense rehearsals, they began to find each other musically and to learn the same musical language. It was a very natural evolution to becoming a better band.

Everything in our music is to create the image of an unstoppable infernal steam train! They spent a great deal of time making interesting arrangements without repeating themselves. During a concert, they will take the public on a journey to the Age of New Orleans as played by their master Louis Armstrong.

« Big Noise » guarantees a nice evening that will put a smile on everybody's face and that touches all generations!

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