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Bed and Breakfast (Véronique Bizet / Pierre Bernard) | (Pierre Bernard / Véronique Bizet)
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Address Ingendaellaan 30
1652 Alsemberg
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Pierre Bernard - Flute    
Véronique Bizet - Piano    

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We still don’t know, after three years of playing concerts and of constant development of their duo, who is Bed and who is Breakfast…
What we do know, is that Pierre Bernard and Véronique Bizet have a personal and interesting experience in the worlds of improvised music, jazz and contemporary classical music. This common musical culture, combined to an attitude of constant exploration and to a love for risk, explains their musical affinities.

(The sound of Pierre Bernard is familiar to us in the " Rêve d’Elephant Orchestra ", and in the projects of Kris Defoort.)

Their duo invites the listeners to a musical journey full of surprises, where improvisation is mixed with personal compositions, and with compositions by jazz contemporary musicians such as Charlie Haden…
The duo has recorded in 2005.
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