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Barbara Wiernik - Nicola Andrioli "Complicity"
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Barbara Wiernik
Phone +32 479 51 98 63
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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Barbara Wiernik - Vocals, Effects, Lyricist    
Nicola Andrioli - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Composer    
Manuel Hermia - Saxophones, Flutes, Bansuri    
Nicolas Thys - Double bass    
Antoine Pierre - Drums    

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The two artists present COMPLICITY, their first joined album which offers us a melodious, luminous and airy vocal jazz with very contemporary tones.
They compose and play with the notes in order to make their music fit their image. With classical influences and a jazz technique resolutely modern, Nicola runs brilliantly his fingers on the keyboard with a disconcerting ease.
Barbara imagines stories and words that marry this elegant and colorful music. Her bright voice that instils her love for jazz and Indian sonorities carry a natural finesse that accompanies the piano's soaring notes.
In order to enlarge the musical spectrum of their album, they found three exceptional musicians who completed perfectly the musicality of their duo. The association of these five artists is astonishing and is placed under the obvious sign of a great complicity.
These original compositions take us on a incredible voyage and make us float on the invisible waves of moments of pure emotion and joy.

« When listening to this album one is struck by its musical purety. Everything is fluent, bright and clear. You are immediately swept away in a wave of optimism."

J. Prouvost
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