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Bab's All Stars | (+ Bab's & Voices)
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Druss Lecomte - Piano, Vocals, leader    
Michel Paré - Trumpet    
Laurent Sprimont - Tenor saxophone    
Jack Fire - Double bass    
Jean-Baptiste Rozot - Drums    
Clémentine Lecomte - Vocals    
Leti Key - Vocals    

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De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
This Belgian group assures a kind of jazz for everyone. Their repertory is essentially focused on Boogie, Jive and Swing (deeply inspired by Louis Jordan, Count Basie, Louis Prima, Lionel Hampton and also Paolo Conte...).

This quintet is often invited abroad to participate at festivals in Germany, France, Switzerland'. the Netherlands, Morocco, Spain.... where at every moment they can prove a professionalism, that can stand anything.

The great complicity between those musicians, which exists for more than 10 years now, and their catching joy in life on the stage enables the public again and again to participate completely in each jazz-party during any performance of the Bab's All Stars. It is a concentration of swing and groove, an effervescent cocktail.

Bab's also proposes another formula : Bab's & Voices with vocalists : Anik GUETATRA & Clémentine LECOMTE

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