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Arne Van Coillie Unit
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Arne Van Coillie
Phone +32 (0)475 40 78 47
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Arne Van Coillie - Piano    
Andy Declerck - Saxophones    
Flor Van Leugenhaeghe - Double bass    
Luc Vanden Bosch - Drums    

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
Not a 'Quartet', but a 'Unit'... A subtle difference (that, as a bonus, makes it possible to ask other musicians to sit in on special occasions), but a very relevant one, because it lies at the heart of this group. While a quartet is a group of four people (or cards), a 'Unit' asks for a special unity, a common vision, a common direction. Arnes trio has been performing together for at least ten years; saxophonist Andy Declerck fitted in right away.

In this Unit, musicians are not told what and how to play on a certain tune: actually, they were carefully selected because of their ability to play 'their own'. They should however do that with the material Arne provides - originals, and some lesser known standards: with this Unit, he definitely wants to present himself as a composer and arranger, not only as an improviser. He writes within a contemporary postbop tradition, with swing and harmonic richness (and sometimes subtle complexity) being the main ingredients.

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