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An American songbook feat. S. Houben, Julie Mossay, N. Loriers, ORCW
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Julie Mossay - Soprano    
Steve Houben - Alto saxophone    
Nathalie Loriers - Piano    
Philippe Aerts - Double bass    
Samuel Gerstmans - Double bass    
Rick Hollander - Drums    
Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie - Strings    
Frank Braley - Conductor    
Michel Herr - Arranger    

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Classical soprano Julie Mossay, jazz saxophonist Steve Houben, the trio of pianist Nathalie Loriers and the strings of the Orchestre Royal de Chambre de Wallonie are the surprise ingredients of this amazing project.
They revisit a selection of great American songs, in new and refined arrangements especially written by Michel Herr, who imagined a dialog between these amazing soloists and a string section.

From Gershwin to Cole Porter, from Duke Ellington to Joni Mitchell, all these songs are sometimes viewed as the last golden age of melody.
Jazz musicians have a tradition of using them as a springboard and a canvas for their improvisations.

"An American Songbook" features strong individuals, who build bridges between musical cultures, at the crossroads of popular American songs, jazz and classical music.
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