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Al Orkesta | (Joe Higham)
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Joe Higham
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Joe Higham - Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Clarinet    
Jean-Paul Estiévenart - Trumpet    
Jacques Pirotton - Guitar    
Olivier Stalon - Electric bass    
Renaud Person - Drums    
Stephan Pougin - Drums, Percussion (Past performances)  

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A group formed to combine Arabic, Turkish and Balkan rhythms together with some influences from Jewish music.

After many years of playing the Ney in a classical Arab music group and clarinet in the klezmer group 'Yiddish Tanz Riyvivale', I decided that I was more interested in merging the various elements into one type of music. This has produced an interesting fusion which, at times, sounds like something between Soft Machine and Sharkiat. I have included some original compositions in the repertoire and transcribed others from taped sources which I had collected whilst travelling or from recorded archives. This group has also been heavily influenced by the work of Chris Speed, Brad Shepik and, Matt Darriau.

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